Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Garden Room

Not only do I have my conservatory on the first floor, but I also have what I have named The Garden Room, upstairs.

This room is attached to the smaller of the three bedrooms, and was originally a screened sleeping porch. Sleeping porches were popular here in the Valley before air conditioning. With cooler nights, people would put their beds out on the screened porch and enjoy the breezes.

Sometime in the past few years, there were windows put in around the porch. I still have the original interior screens though. The original porch floor is still visible, as well as the bead board walls and ceiling. It's very charming. Now I use this room for some of my vintage gardening items, some wicker furniture (Thanks Aunt Amy!) and PLANTS. Most of my cacti/succulent collection is in this room for the Winter. It gets quite warm during the day, and the heat that builds up lasts into the night, so the plants love it. It is a great spot to read, or to sit and chat with friends.

This is one of my favorite rooms.

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